Epping Forest Ghosts

Ghosties and trees good combination

Welcome to the Epping Forest ghost website!

Hello, this website has been set up by me to see if I can collect a definitive collection of ghost stories about Epping Forest and the areas around it. Feel free to tell me about them in the forum or contact me! Thanks Louise.


In fact anything you may think that is strange you have seen if the forest strange animals, strange feelings or smells, ufos anything i would love to know.


Myself I a lover of ghost stories and cryptozoology and anything like that. I have had a few experinces myself with the paranormal but have never heard more than a few stories about Epping Forest and I am sure there are lots of them out there. I am a frequent vistor to the forest as me and my partner are in to motorbikes so I am up the High Beech tea hut almost every weekend.


If you have a quick story just place it in the guestbook.

Contact me at eppingforestghosts@hotmail.co.uk